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Our customers


Imagine one of your customers sending a friend a postcard during their unforgettable vacation, experience and visit.

The person who receives that postcard will not feel targeted for a campaign, but will sense that it was your company that made their happiness possible.
Your logo + call to action on the postcard will only make you part of that sharing and experience. Real!


Elevate your communication and make yourself unique with your customers, targets and prospects!

Greetings messages, promotions, coupons and much more, through fully customizable postcards one by one.

Our service, starting from your CRM, allows you to massively import recipients of a communication, which you can customize in all the fields and images present.

Do you have 1,000 or 100,000 customers to whom you want to send greetings or make a promotion? We print, bag and mail each card as if it were unique, with personalized messages directed to the individual card recipient!

Non profit

A solution to integrate on your site, to bring to life marketing campaigns that break the mold, thanks to a new visual concept.

The best lead generation for: brand awareness, data collection, having real ambassadors, reaching new donors and new fundraising methods!

All in just a few clicks. Simple, fast, effective.

Some of our customers

Case studies:
The best-selling beauty brand in Italy, with 2021 sales over 50 mil. and an online and offline business model chose us as its marketing platform to:

  • Profile customers who buy in-store and about whom they had no information;
  • Reduce CAC (customer email acquisition from retail market) to € 1.72;
  • Marketing with community-generated postcards;

65.000 credits purchased leading to:

  • 65.000 profiled users;
  • Customers and followers branding to 65,000 recipients, potential leads.
Distributed at info points along with the Roma Pass, Pemcards credits generated postcards from travelers around the capital. Result:

  • Travelers’ profiled data;
  • Knowledge of places of interest in the capital divided by target audience (nationality, age, household);
  • Creation of real brand ambassadors: the travelers!
  • Leads genraration: postcards reach unknown recipients with the brand and a CTA to travel offers to visit Rome.
The cooperative that manages 70 percent of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage, from dedicated staff at sites to ticket sales. Despite the last two years, which led to digitizing museum entrance tickets, there are still many who buy tickets onsite or through partner tour operators. For CoopCulture, this means having no information of the customer entering museums and archaeological parks. Solution:

  • Profile travelers and places of interest where travelers get postcards;
  • Integrated solution on;
  • Revenue: yes, we make them money!
  • Leads genraration: postcards reach unknown recipients with branding and a CTA to travel offers to visit parks and museums operated by CoopCulture.
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