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Take advantage of the thousands of photos taken every day by your customers.


For hundreds of years postcards have been used as a formidable marketing tool.

Today we have combined the technology and best practices of digital marketing for the acquisition of prospects and lead awareness to convert them into customers, increase brand visibility or raise awareness of a destination by improving its reputation or buy the product to resell it generating profit.


Pemcards provides its Business customers with different solutions for brand promotion and engagement campaigns through the sending of postcards by users.

On the end user side, a Pemcards app is available free of charge on Apple and Google stores that allows to send one or more postcards for free through the acquisition of credits for sending.

The credits can be provided by our business customer through a pre-purchase and are linked to the marketing campaign. Each time users send a postcard, their logo, a pay off and a QRCode are automatically inserted in the back of the card.

The customer will also have access to reports with :

  • First name Last name of the user
  • Email address
  • Date of sending the postcard
  • Country of destination of the postcard

If a QRCode of thanks, offer, discount etc. is entered and the recipient of the postcard accepts the data processing and conditions of use, the recipient’s analysis will also be provided. The success of the recipient’s acquisition depends very much on the type of offer or engagement leverage that will be prepared.

Tour operator

Travel agencies

D.M.O and D.M.C

Hotels & Accommodations

Museums and exhibition spaces

Archaeological Areas

Sporting and Events

Cruises and navigation

Amusement parks

Transport and rental companies

Ticketing and booking portals

Airlines/trains companies

With the Pemcards platform, combined with sending and receiving real postcards, you will be able to obtain data and monitor conversion metrics such as: who sent the postcard, how many postcards have been sent, when they were sent, from the current campaign, contact details for follow up activities and destination of sending.

In addition, if linked to a specific campaign and “claim”, you can monitor the conversion rate that can result in the acquisition of new prospects, use of coupons, sale of product, more followers on socials, participation in contests and prizes by the recipient, etc..

How it works


You can decide whether to send postcards, decide the amount per user or sell them as GiftCard

We already have ready-made and economical solutions that you can use immediately.

See “products and services” below or contact us, it costs nothing and we will remove any doubt.


Look at our prices, you will find that the cost of user acquisition is extremely competitive and advantageous.

The packages are scalable, provided as codes, QRCode or GiftCard.

For each submission you will get the data of each user who used the code associated with you and the aggregated destination data.


We create the campaign that we will associate with the purchased product(s).

The available space is a 700 x 200px graphic banner where you can insert your logo, a copy and a QRCode.

Soon a new backend will be available to manage the process independently.

Products and services available for sending postcards

Pemcards App
Supplied free of charge and available on Google and Apple stores. Once the user has downloaded the app on his device, to send the postcards for free he will have to use credits and register for the service.

Credits can be purchased in the App or provided free of charge by our business customer, in the latter case the user is connected to our customer.


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Pem Coin
Unique code that can be scanned and activated by App Pemcards in the form of QRcode®. The product gives the right to “x” nr. of credits for the printing and mailing of one or more postcards, at the same time it allows the system to automatically recognize and insert the brand of the partner.

FROM 2,33€

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Pem Code
Multipurpose/multi-user alphanumeric code (min.5 characters, max 15, chosen by the supplier) that gives a user the right to obtain PEM COIN.

The system recognizes the device used avoiding multiple use of the same code by the user/smartphone.

FROM 2,33€

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Pem Pack
Physical product in the form of a paper box or Giftcard with personalized graphics. You can resell the box or give it as a gift. Containing no. 1 QRcode® PEM COIN “x” credits/sending of postcards and multilingual instructions for use. Available in cuts of 3.5, 8 items. For large numbers even from 1 item.

FROM 3,03€

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Pem Library
Library for integration into third-party iOS and Android Apps.

Allows PREMIUM customers to take advantage of the technological development and PEM experience within their App.


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