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"Reducing the environmental impact and when we can't, we try to offset"

Innovate for change

Innovation must be applied to processes and services to achieve greater results and benefits, both socially and environmentally. Issues such as sustainability and environment are part of Pemcards‘ mission”.

Andrea Gambini CEO Pemcards

environment postcard




How much CO2 do we emit on socials?

On average, an active user on social networks costs the environment 269 grams of CO2.

How many postcards do you make with a tree?

With paper produced from a tree, you can make 10,000 postcards.



“sending a Pemcards postcard is good for the heart, spirit and environment!”


We decided to make our contribution, which was not circumstantial, but heartfelt.
For us, sending a Pemcards postcard must be good for the heart, spirit and environment.

what we’re doing for the environment:


  • We plant one tree for every 1,000 postcards, so we have room to offset the CO2 we emit.;
  • We use FSC certified paper, i.e. paper that comes from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.
  • We are organizing the production of Pemcards, in order to distribute it globally, reducing the environmental impact due to transportation;

  BUT THE MERITS ARE NOT ONLY OURS! It’s only fair to thank everyone involved so: The first THANK YOU goes to you! For every first purchase on Pemcards, you will have the possibility to plant a tree wherever you want. You will receive by email the instructions and you will receive the certificate to share with your loved ones.!   Thanks to Up2You, innovative startup that wants to make the world greener and more sustainable.  

Surprise a friend!

send a Pemcards postcard and help with reforestation.

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