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Examples and application cases

Innovate for change

We provide new technologies and services, designed to build intelligent and innovative strategies to achieve successful results for companies operating in the tourism supply chain.

Under some cases of success divided by type, each of them different from each other but all with a common idea, always have their customer at the center.


Antarctica Travel Company is a Tour Operator in Turin specialized in organizing trips to Latin America and Polar Circles.
The definition we can give of Antarctica is Tour Operator Boutique that designs tailor-made trips … but the substance is in what it believes and how it offers.

“We believe that every destination is unique, and that the journey in every destination becomes so when you can grasp the most intimate and wild aspects, those whispered, those less beaten, those sought and suggested by those who have lived and breathed them. With this spirit and this desire we propose our destinations”.

Travelers share photos, anecdotes about their trip, but never mention the tour operator who organized the holiday. Antarctica in its first evaluation test of our solution gave 700 Pemcards to its customers and these were the results: 427 actual postcards sent by users, 145 requests for quotes from recipients, more than 20.000€ of revenue from new customers. It was the customers themselves who told a friend about the trip, the experience they had and who made it, simply with a logo, a good payoff and a QRCode printed on the back of the card…no invasive advertising and a fun way to communicate.


Matteo, commercial manager of Tenuta Torre in Cenaia, used Pemcards for his work, achieving an incredible result. Here is his story:

“At every trade show, a lot of people come to the booth to talk to, exchange business cards and then greet each other with a “I’ll get back to you soon” or something similar. The same visitor, however, will find himself repeating this process endlessly for the rest of the day spent at the fair.
So, however good the salesman may be, the conversion of the Prospect into a customer is not so obvious, as trivially he may not remember your product or stand..
That’s why this year, at Vinitaly, I used Pem Cards! After each presentation with the visitor, at the moment of the greeting, I asked to take a selfie with the mug or a chalice in hand, hinting that it would arrive by postcard. In the text I would enter my data and a QR Code that would relaunch our store, turning the postcard into an advanced business card. Do you know what happened? I was contacted by almost 100% of the visitors who received the postcard, even just to say thank you, but as a good salesman knows, this is also very important!”.


Chinese Wall, over 10 million tourists every year, Colosseum of Rome, 7.5 million visitors, Pompeii and Acropolis of Athens, 2.5 million accesses every year…just to name a few. Millions of visitors every year take on average 3-4 photos with their mobile phone (estimated over 60 million photos on 4 archaeological sites alone)..

There are millions of photos that parks and archaeological sites can’t manage, they don’t know where they end up, if and how they are shared, what value they transmit. Million opportunities that are being missed.

If of these millions, even if only 2% were converted into postcards, would generate hundreds of thousands of profiled users, hundreds of thousands of postcards with the brand inserted, hundreds of thousands of recipients who could be the next possible customers.

Everyone can decide his or her own strategy, give away the gift of the ticket together with the admission ticket, create a new product to sell that includes ticket and credits before sending it, or use PEM-PACKs to sell in bookshops or souvenir shops.

Communication, data, lead, brand printed with each mailing and even revenue.


MSC Cruises, today the largest private cruise company in the world.

With over 300 years of experience at sea, MSC Cruises has a true story to tell. Their cruises are designed to enrich, delight and create unforgettable emotions and what better way to capture an unforgettable moment than launching a new ship? With a postcard!

Most of the guests were travel agents for the occasion, each guest was photographed and given a postcard with a printed brand and thank you note or a dedicated message at their travel agency.

This is attention to its customers, it costs little but what you get is a postcard displayed in the agency, always on display as a reminder of an exciting moment.


FlixBus is the bus travel operator that has revolutionized mobility in Europe, combining new digital skills with the traditional road transport business.

The tourism 4.0 focuses on the person and their well-being, and it is around this principle that Flixbus and Pemcards have built their partnership oriented to offer users an increasingly complete, integrated and memorable experience.

How? Discounts to travellers to send new postcards, discounts to Pemcards recipients to book new trips.


Manet Mobile is the startup that has created Manet, a technological solution designed for the all-round travel market – hotels, B&B, holiday homes, car rentals and tour operators – which consists of a web dashboard to support the management of industry operators and customized smartphones for travelers.
Smartphones, equipped with a customized version of the Android operating system, are true digital assistants, accompanying travellers throughout their stay with a series of useful services: free local and international calls, unlimited internet connection, travel tips and tools, door opening, smart TV control and home automation.
Among the most recent and original services available on Manet devices is the Pemcards app.  Through the Pemcards App – installed on all Manet smartphones – users can transform their most memorable moments into personalized postcards and surprise and excite friends, colleagues and acquaintances by sending the postcard of their holiday in a few simple clicks.

Manet provides its services and smartphones to important hotel chains and rental car companies such as Europcar..


CONAD, is a cooperative society active in the large organized distribution. Headquartered in Bologna, it currently consists of 7 cooperatives of retailers and through them operates in all Italian regions.

Always looking for products that can be distinctive from the commercial proposals of their competitors and interesting for their customers, when they discovered PEM-PACK, the solution for the resale of postcards from their smartphones they immediately understood that could be the right product to insert in supermarkets located in the resorts with high tourist traffic..

The product, specially packaged and displayed with a dedicated corner has a double value, the resale with profit and the brand which is conveyed at each sending of a postcard being printed on the back of the postcard.


The town of Castagneto Carducci is located in the center of the Etruscan Coast, among its most famous places there is certainly Bolgheri, a tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists.

To promote its territory in a sincere, original and spontaneous way, the councillor for tourism and the marketing manager of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Castagneto Carducci have thought about Pemcards!

Every tourist who visited the infopoints scattered throughout the territory, participated in local events or answered questions or curiosities on social channels, obtained credits to send their postcards free of charge.

An entertaining game to let people explore the territory and send unique postcards, which will tempt the recipients to be the future visitors of this magical land!

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