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Emotion s.r.l.

About us

We are a team of professionals but also of travelers, able to develop products and marketing solutions related to brand promotion and lead generation campaigns in a different and unique way.

“We didn’t invent anything, we just incredibly improved it.”

Emotion s.r.l. owns the Pemcards brand and is an innovative Italian startup born in 2017 from the vision of the founders with a background of 15 years in mailing services.
From the knowledge of the processes, the market and the collaborations with international shipping operators… was born the idea of Pemcards for companies, innovative product and service in B2B for lead generation, loyalty and revenue campaigns.

Our mission

Provide new technologies and services, designed to build intelligent and innovative strategies to achieve successful results for tourism companies.
Our solution focuses on the person who becomes the best vehicle for your marketing

Your business on the postcard

through the use of the smartphone Pemcards digitizes the process of shooting, printing and sending a physical postcard by inserting on the back of the card the Logo, Payoff and QRCode of partner companies such as Tour Operator, DMO, Travel Agencies, transport companies, etc..


Some of our customers

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