Emotion s.r.l.

About us

Emotion s.r.l., owner of the Pemcards brand, is an innovative Italian startup born in 2017 from the vision of founders with a 15-year background in mailing services.
From the knowledge of the processes, the market and collaborations with international mailing operators… the idea of Pemcards for Business was born, an innovative product and service in B2B for lead generation, loyalty and data collection campaigns.

What we do

Many believe it is a “simple” postcard. The only thing true is that just like those of yesteryear, Pemcards arrives by mail and on card, complete with a signature and dedication from a known person.

Pemcards turns photos into a moment of sharing, “different” from the non-tangible and elusive social.

For the more experienced generations a rediscovery of the taste of sending and receiving postcards.
For new generations a new way of sharing experiences.
For companies, a chance to be part of a picture exchanged between two people who know each other.

Marketers know that they must anticipate new things, try them out and validate them…with us it is possible and costs less than you think.


The Pemcards project is inspired by social and environmental responsibility criteria, aware of the very impact of the product (postcard) on the environment. Such actions are translated into the short:

  1. Use of FSC paper;
  2. Contribute to reforestation by planting one tree for every 1,000 postcards; (an estimated 70,000 postcards are produced from the paper produced by one tree);
  3. Production, printing and delivery of Pemcards near the destination;

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