In addition to surprising, our marketing with “postcards” brings real results to any of your businesses

How many opportunities are you losing with all the photos your customers take that you’re not using to your advantage?

“Invasive, boring and generic: advertising that needs to be reinvented.”

We don’t say it, but March Pritchard, global head of marketing operations and brand of P&G, American giant at the top of the companies that invest more in advertising in the world in the interesting interview by Giampaolo Colletti in “Il Sole 24 ore” on Saturday, January 25, 2020. The use of advertising solutions that entertain consumers without interrupting them in their experience, with relevant messages and that convey the company’s values is the new mantra of communication.


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Our solution brings true measurable value, with metrics that are difficult to achieve by any other marketing platform.

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(post ironic, thoughtful, amazing)

Of course American marketers are strange…
In 2018 77 billion (BILLION) of paper communications (letters, postcards) were sent for advertising.
In 2020 it is estimated 247 billion dollars spent on mail marketing.
… but did they tell you that we are in the digital age?

And who cares if 56% of Americans think it’s a “JOY” to receive paper mailings, 95% of MILLENNIALS love physical mail and 92% think it’s easier to read than digital.

Not to mention the response rates: 5.1% for families, 4.4% for business. In comparison, online channels are not up to scratch: email receives a response rate of 0.1%. Paid search has a response rate of 0.6%. Social media is 0.4%. Online display advertising is 0.2%.

We were missing the ROI: for every $167 spent in direct mail in the U.S., products or services sold for an average of $2,095. This is a return on investment of 1300%


If you didn’t think it could have this ‘paper’ charm and besides surprising and exciting, it could have such concrete results in the business, please contact us. We at Pemcards are as “weird” as American marketers 🙂

Andrea Gambini

Co-founder e CEO @ Pemcards

Pemcards allows you to take advantage of the thousands of photographs taken every day by smartphone owners, transforming them into real postcards, just like those of the past. An App allows you to make the dedication, sign the photo and send it all over the world. The printed and postalized photo will arrive to the recipient in their mailbox. Within this process, taking advantage of the communication that is at the center of people who know each other, we insert the Brand and the marketing campaign of a company or a D.M.O . Pemcards is a package provided as an APP product for iOS / Android or licensed through APIs that can be integrated into third-party Apps and software for the creation and management of their campaigns.





In marketing a company’s competitive advantage is not achieved by adopting the same digital tools that your competitors use.

but through an omnichannel approach able to employ new technologies and services, designed to build intelligent and innovative strategies aimed at achieving successful results. Our solution puts the person at the center, becoming the best vehicle for your marketing

Our offer is directed to:

Tour operator

Imagine a client of yours sending a postcard to a friend while they are on a tour or having an unforgettable experience in your village. The recipient will perceive that it was your company that made his happiness possible through your logo on the back of the postcard.

Events and manifestations

People, whether they are taking part in a marathon, a concert, a bike race or simply an event, take pictures. Do you want to circulate the brand? Do you want to make it known more? Do you want the people who participated to talk about how exciting it was? Have them do it… in the card give a free send, they will take care of making you known.

Archaeological areas

It is estimated that at the Colosseum about 30 million photos are taken every year, at the Acropolis of Athens 7 million. Of these photos there is no trace of who took them or where they end up and they cannot be used as a source of revenue. With Pem Pack and Pem Coin it is possible to buy and resell postcards both in bookshops and online.

Hotels & Accommodations

If you were in Paris, New York, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo…would you publish a photo of the city, of food, of a museum or square, of a park, of the skyline or would you talk about where you are staying in the hotel? With PEM, on those photos there is always your hotel, with your address and name, and a friend who has been there is recommending it.


Our postcards are snapshots taken in any place and time of day. It will be your visitors who will immortalize the most beautiful moment or glimpse and make it known from the other side of the world. Do you remember postcards from Rimini? We didn’t invent anything, we just improved it incredibly.

Ticketing and booking portals

It has always been known that if you give something away it is easier to register a visitor to your website. With Pemcards you not only acquire the user at a certain cost and particularly advantageous, but at the first sending of your user a new person will know your site or service and your advertising will appear every time someone will take the card in hand, even after years.

With the Pemcards platform, combined with sending and receiving real postcards, you will be able to obtain data and monitor conversion metrics such as: who sent the postcard, how many postcards have been sent, when they were sent, from the current campaign, contact details for follow up activities and destination of sending. In addition, if linked to a specific campaign and “claim”, you can monitor the conversion rate that can result in the acquisition of new prospects, use of coupons, sale of product, more followers on socials, participation in contests and prizes by the recipient, etc..

We communicate who is the creator of an experience that others can replicate

Pemcards provides its Business customers with different solutions for the promotion of a destination, the brand and for engagement campaigns through the sending of postcards by users.

100% satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a mix of sensations deriving from the comparison of the performance enjoyed and the expectations that the latter has in the perception of the attention paid to it. With our B2B solution we can be an intelligent tool that puts it at the centre and makes it part of your communication.

What if each of them was promoting you?

A postcard sent out opens the direct channel of communication with a potential new user or customer of yours that you would never reach, think about it!

Whether they are having an experience or visiting a location, tourists or travelers take photos

Of course they do, hundreds of them. How many of these photos can you convert to your favor?

postcards sent only from Italy to foreign countries in 2017

400 million in France, over 1 billion in the USA.

Each of them bought a postcard, looked for a resale of stamps and finally a mailbox.

What if all this was possible directly and conveniently from the smartphone?

What if the postcard was not a picture taken by someone else but by the photographer himself?

A certain cost of acquisition

For every postcard sent there is one person who sends it and one who receives it. With a smart campaign you will have extraordinary conversion results.

Forget for a moment the CPCs or CPMs, a postcard that lasts a long time, is not thrown away, is often collected (like magnets) and displayed on a desk, attached to the refrigerator … for months. The postcard combines the communication of a beautiful photo (usually the best shot) with a positive message. Offering the Pemcards solution to your users or possible leads makes you participate in their private communication without being perceived as “intrusive advertising” but the creators of their happiness.

Take advantage of the thousands of photos taken every day.



The task of those responsible for marketing strategy is to use all the creativity available to them.



With PEMCARDS you can communicate a destination as the place you are going on a holiday or experience and not the place itself.



Who better to do it for you than the client who's living it?



Some thematic examples

Tour Operator

improve customer satisfaction

a satisfied customer is a loyal customer who can promote the experience and your company to friends.  


Generate revenue from customer photos

how many photos are taken each year in your museum or archaeological site of which you lose track and do not convert in your favour at both revenue and brand level?

Not just emotion… but real business.

A lot of people think it’s a “simple” postcard. The only thing that’s true is that it’s a postcard, just like the ones that used to arrive once, by mail and on cardboard, with the sender’s signature and dedication. What makes Pemcards different is to use the tendency of users to take pictures from their smartphone and turn this gesture into a moment of sharing “different” from that of social media. For the older generations a rediscovery of the taste of sending postcards to friends and relatives, for the new generations discover something new that could make a trend while having fun. Those who deal with travel know that they have to anticipate new things, try them out and validate them…with us it is possible and costs less than you think.

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