We mail instant on paper. Really!

The User Generated Content marketing tool you never thought of

How it works

We decided to innovate a vintage tool that is making a comeback all over the world: the postcard!

Pemcards allows people to take advantage of the thousands of photographs taken every day by smartphone owners and turn them into real postcards, just like those of yesteryear.

Within this process, harnessing the communication that lies at the heart of people who know each other, we insert Brand and marketing campaigns, transform the postcard into an emotional, effective and lasting  human2human tool.

Pemcards is designed for

Municipalities, DMOs and DMCs, tour operators, travel agencies, and not only if we are talking about travel, along with ticketing and booking portals, e-commerce, nonprofits, and marketing agencies are among the main entities using Pemcards

Some of our customers

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